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In olden times they had what was

called ‘the passing bell’ which they

hung at one’s  deathbed to declare

the passing of the soul from the body.

So it’s only fitting to hang a bell here

at the house.”

Joe Gandy takes a commission to install one of his harmonic bells at a remote Midwestern estate only to discover that inside the bizarre looking building is an instrument that allows you to dialogue with the dead.

“  Nature’s re-tooling humans.”

Famed activist Christy Jones believes

there’s a miracle afoot that will end

the cutting down of redwood trees forever. So certain, she hires her new friend Jim to film it all. Suspecting it’s a hoax puts Jim in a quandary. He wants

to be with Christ, just not when her

fantasy implodes.


But if it’s a hoax why are people determined to stop Christy, Jim, and others from finding out?

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